We want pet parenthood to be as easy as a walk in the park


Wellness exams are key to maintaining and assessing your pet’s health. We take a whole pet approach to your pet’s examination. This is why our examinations will evaluate your pet’s physical health, their behavior, and breed specific needs. A member of the veterinary care team is here to discuss your pet’s exam findings and needs. Together, with your pet care team, you can decide which treatments and care your pet will receive during their visit.


Petfolk offers robust vaccination options for your pet. We’ve spent countless hours researching available products. We’ve made sure we carry only the best vaccination lines.

Each pet is an individual with it’s own needs and lifestyle. Your Petfolk pet care team can help create a plan for your pet based on their needs.

Urgent Care

When your pet is not feeling their best, we are here to help. Same day appointments available. Contact us to set up an appointment online, in person, or on the fly.

Have an emergency? We can provide you with local referrals for critical care and hospitalization services.

Diagnostic Testing & Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays with artificial intelligence means you get results quickly. All x-rays come with a board-certified radiologist interpretation and a complete report.

Full in-house laboratory suite; results in minutes on blood, urine, and lumps and bumps.

Sick Visits

When your pet is not feeling their best, we are here to help. Tummy troubles, itchy skin, ear infections - we've got you covered. Same day appointments available for sick visits and urgent care. Contact us to set up an appointment online, in person, or on the fly.


Lumps and Bumps? Petfolk offers minor surgical procedures and lumpectomies which can be performed in our pet care centers.

Surgery for something else? We partner with local surgeons, who have specialty certification and additional training to provide your pet with surgical options. We are happy to provide referrals and recommendations.

Dentistry / Dental Care

Stinky breath is no laughing matter.

Stinky breath is more than bad breath, it’s periodontal disease. We take your pet’s oral health seriously. Petfolk houses a full dental suite dedicated to your pet’s oral health. Every Dental procedure includes full mouth digital radiographs, ultrasonic scaling, polish, full oral exam, dental charting, and plaque barrier sealant. Your pet’s teeth will not only be clean but their mouth will be healthy too.


If your pet has anxiety or unwanted behaviors, we can help!

We prioritize your pet’s emotional health. Our veterinarians have additional training on how to recognize anxiety and fear in your pets. We would be happy to provide a behavioral consultation through virtual care or in person.

If you need more comprehensive behavioral training needs, we have a vetted network of force free trainers who practice positive reinforcement techniques. We would be happy to provide you with a referral to one of our local community partners.


Optimal health starts with the food your pet eats everyday. While most pet foods meet basic nutrient requirements, it may not contain the nutrition your pet needs for optimal health.

A Petfolk veterinarian can provide you with nutritional recommendations to best fit your pet’s unique needs. From nutrition designed around daily life to managing health concerns, we can help.


Euthanasia offers relief from pain, unrelenting discomfort, and suffering. Euthanasia is a gift we can give those to those dearly loved pets whose quality of life is compromised. We want the last memory of your pet to be peaceful and stress free. That’s why we have crafted a pain free and gentle handling protocol that will guide you through the process and assist your pet in their final moments.

We offer euthanisia services in our pet care centers or we can provide you with recommendations to local at home euthanasia providers.

Virtual Care

COMING SOON 24/7 veterinary hotline. We offer virtual care where you need us, when you need us - over the phone, video, or text.

Book a consultation from the comfort of your home. We offer quick consultations on anything from diet, preventative care, vaccination information, treatments, or even a referral to a local specialist. Virtual care allows you to save time and money while getting rid of worries.

A New Breed of Pet Care

Committed to Transparency

In our pet care centers, we strongly believe in a no-barriers policy — both literally and figuratively. This means providing full transparency between our pet care team and you, as a pet parent, on all things related to your pet, pricing included.



Routine $68.00
Emergency $158.00
Virtual visit $68.00


Heartworm & Tickborne Illness Test $58.85
Feline Immunodeficiency and Leukemia Test $56.71
Fecal with Giardia $68.48
Ear Cytology $40.48

Dog Vaccines

Bordetella $38.00
Canine Influenza Virus $48.00
DA2PP (Distemper Parvo 5 in 1) $38.00
Leptospirosis $38.00
Lyme $48.00
Rabies 1 yr or 3 yr $38.00

Cat Vaccines

PureVax FVRCP $38.00
PureVax FeLV $38.00
PureVax Rabies 1 yr $38.00
PureVax Rabies 3 yr $74.00
Prices listed above are base pricing, prices may vary dependent on each pet’s specific needs. Services, Diagnostics and Vaccinations listed above do not represent a full list of Petfolk services and products offered. Virtual Care Exam available only for existing customers who have established care with Petfolk in person.