Virtual care, from anywhere


Virtual care, from anywhere


Get Free Unlimited Virtual Care

As a thank you for being such a dedicated Petfolk pet parent, we want you to be the first to have 
exclusive access to our virtual care offerings - unlimited, free, through the end of the year.

Download the app and say hello to total peace of mind with virtual vet checkups, 
pet care support via phone & text, and more.

Virtual Care FAQ

What is virtual care?

Virtual care is access to pet care on the fly. It allows you to connect with Petfolk care team members more easily via chat on our app or if you prefer, phone or text on our virtual care helpline.

Virtual care is everything you love about Petfolk, from the comfort of your couch, or wherever your outdoor adventures bring you. There is no question or concern too big or small.

How do I access virtual care?

Access virtual care on your terms - download our app to chat with a medical team member or call or text our virtual care helpline at (833) PET-FOLK

You can expect that your Petfolk professional will review your pet’s medical record, focus on the questions you need answered, and develop a plan that takes into account your pet and family situation.

*Only available to pets whose care is already established at Petfolk.

How much does virtual care cost?

For a limited time, virtual care is accessible at no cost to our current customers!

Can I get a prescription through virtual care?

In certain situations, if your pet’s care is already established at Petfolk, your Petfolk veterinary team can prescribe necessary medication to be picked up at a Petfolk location, your preferred human pharmacy*, or sent to your home via an online pharmacy.

Our goal is to offer best in class medical recommendations and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan for your pet.

*Only applicable for some medications, as human pharmacies do not carry all animal medications.

When is a good time to use virtual care?

Virtual care is always a great place to start. There is no question or concern too big or small. We are your comprehensive pet support system. 

• Are you scouring the internet trying to figure out what's going on? Call us. 
• Are you debating bringing your pet to the emergency clinic? Call us.
• Are you confused or do you have follow up questions about a recent diagnosis your pet received? Call us.  
• Are you wondering if you are doing it (feeding, playing, traveling, training, dental care…) right? Call us. 
• Are you a first time pet parent? Call us. 
• Just don't know? That's ok, call us anyway! 

What are the benefits of virtual care?

Virtual care improves your access to expert advice, education, and medical care.

• Get the exact answers you are searching for quickly
• Lower your pet’s vet related stress
• Connect with Petfolk anywhere
• Easily ask for help sooner - saving you money and your pet suffering